About Us

Dream Island is a fashion label homegrown in India. 

Dream Island for us is a conviction to make the best products in the world and provide our customers, our family, with THE BEST EXPERIENCE EVER. Making every piece in a way it doesn’t disrupt the other pieces in your closet. At Dream Island we try and take into account every product with each and every detail possible multiple times so each piece is almost perfect and can be worn every day and on the special nights.

 At Dream Island we try not to fit into just one type of category (streetwear, luxury, contemporary, etc) or limit ourself in just one niche, which enables us to the expand our creativity, designs and products for every occasion.

 Each development is analysed carefully to ensure that it not only meets the brands’s meticulous standards but adds to the luxurious pleasure to be discovered when handling the garment. Dream Island is progressing with infinite care making certain every garment gives world class pleasure .

From the golden bird of the world , for the world.